Volume 5 Issue 11

User pattern of Libraries by students of Arts colleges in Coimbatore District: A Study

Author(s) Name: Dr. M. Sakthi Suganth Abstract: The present study focuses on the information seeking behavior of students at arts Colleges in Coimbatore and for this data was gathered by the questionnaire method and randomly selected the students. The overall purpose of the study was to determine what their information requirements and also determine their awareness […]

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Relationship of Stride Length Stride Time Stride Frequency on 100m Sprint Performance

Author(s) Name: K. Karthikeyan & Dr. P. Rajinikumar Abstract The purpose of the study was to find out the relationship of stride length, stride time and stride frequency on 100m sprint performance. For this purpose, 13 university level sprinters were selected from different colleges and athletic club in Chennai. The subjects were captured while running 100 […]

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Impact of Soccer Specific Conditioning on Speed and Kicking Abilities of High Altitude Adolescent Soccer Players

Author(s) Name:  Ajmal, C.T., Dr.M.Rajashekaran, Dr.K.Sivakumar & Dr.S.Sudhakar Abstract The   study was designed to investigate the impact of Soccer specific conditioning on speed and kicking ability of high altitude adolescent soccer players. Thirty adolescent soccer players who   were studying in the high altitude area at The High Range School Munnar, Idukki district of Kerala  state were […]

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Effects of Skill Based Plyometric Training on Explosive Power of School Level Volleyball Players

Author(s) Name: Srihari. K, Dr.S.Suthakar & Sundarraj. URS Abstract The purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of plyometric training on different age group boys on coach rated volleyball skills in relation to selected variable of Explosive Power. To achieve the purpose of the present study 60 Volleyball players were selected (20 school boys […]

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Determinants of Consumer Purchase Decisions of Health Insurance Policies in Dindigul District

Author(s) Name: Dr.V.Karthik & R.Gowtham Abstract This study aims at understanding the determinants of consumer purchase decision of health insurance policies in Dindigul District. The major consumer purchase decision models are reviewed and identifying some gaps, a model incorporating three sets of variables, related to personal, marketing and social factors is developed. Based on data […]

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