Comparison of Plyometric Training and Ladder Training on Sprinting Speed, Vertical Explosive Power and Agility

Abstract :
The aim of this present study compared the effects of the 8 week plyometric training and ladder training on speed, power and agility of collegiate football players. The pre test and post test randomized control group design was used as an experimental design. Thirty six male football players volunteered to participate, they were randomly assigned in to Plyometric training group (PTG; n = 12), ladder training group (LTG; n=12) and control group (CG; n=12). Plyometric training and ladder training was undertaken thrice a week for 8 weeks. Participants were tested pre and post the 8-week training period. 35 mts sprinting speed test, sergeant jump test and Illinois agility run Test were measured pre and post training. Paired t-test, ANCOVA and Scheffe’s test were used to evaluate the effect of training. In all the cases 0.05 level of confidence was fixed to test the hypothesis. The result of this study reveals that plyometrics and ladder training on speed, power and agility gives the similar improvement among football players and plyometrics and ladder training compared on speed, power and agility due to the effect of 8 week of training results, Plyometric training group was better improved on sprinting speed and vertical explosive power of football players, Ladder training group was better improved on agility performance of football players due to the effect of training. Both training can be used for improving speed, power; and agility in collegiate football players.

Author Name(S) : Dr. S. Sethu







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