Construction of Skill Tests and Compilation of Norms Hitting and Push Speed Skills in Field Hockey

Abstract :

The purpose of this study was to construct the norms for evaluating performance of players in field hockey Skill
test. Since there is a lack of standardized evaluative criteria in field hockey for assessing the ability, grading and predicting the performance of field hockey players, an effort was undertaken to construct Norms for Skill test for college level field hockey players. For this purpose 500 male college level field hockey players of different colleges in Tamilnadu were randomly selected to serve as subjects. The performance of field hockey players in field hockey test battery of three test items namely, Hitting, PUSH speed. The data was collected by Administrating the test for the selected test items during the regular training sessions in the year 2012 to 2013 the data which was collected by administering tests , was statistically tread to develop norms for all the test items. The norms were constructed by using 7 Sigma Scale techniques analysed through statistical packages, the scores were further classified into five grades i.e. low, low average, average, above average, good and outstanding under Normal Distribution. It was found that there was very less number of players in the outstanding and low performance grading.

Author Name : Dr. Pon.Anbarasu


Keywords: Field Hockey, Skills, Norms, Hitting, Push speed.






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