Correlations of Biomechanical Characteristics with Ball Speed in Penalty Corner Push-In

Abstract :

The aim of this study was to investigate the inter-relationship among the biomechanical factors in Penalty corner
push- in. Men (n=18) Hockey players represented university were purposively selected from Tamil Nadu state, India for this study, the age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 28 years. The high definition camera (Casio EX 10) was used to record the performances that were approximately transverse to the trajectory of the ball of the push in. Video footage was digitized using Max traq software for data analysis of Stance width, Stick angle, Drag distance, Stick velocity and Ball speed. The data was analyzed by using Pearson’s correlation coefficients was used to find out the interrelationship between the variables using SPSS. The finding reveals that the stance width has significant correlation with ball speed. Among the selected independent variables stance width and drag distance having highest correlation followed by stance width and stick angle.

Author Name : S. Viswanath1, R. Kalidasan2

Keywords: Biomechanics, Penalty Corner, Men, Max Traq, SPSS.








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