Effect of Brisk Walking Training Programme on Pulse rate among Obese Men

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Jayakumar. M


The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of 12 weeks of brisk walking on pulse rate of obese men. 30 obese men were selected as subjects randomly from Kozhikode, Kerala within the age group of 30 to 45 years The subjects were randomly assigned to two groups that is an experimental group (N=15) and a control groups (N=15). The experimental group participated in brisk walking programme for a period of 12 weeks. The control group did not participate in any sort of physical activity during the same period. Pulse rate was assessed using sphygmomanometer. The data pertaining to selected physiological variables were analysed by ANOVA to determine the difference between initial and final mean for experimental and control group at 0.05 `level of significance. Pulse rate was reduced as a result of participation in 12 weeks of brisk walking programme.



Walking, Training, Pulse rate.

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Jayakumar. M (2017). Effect of Brisk Walking Training Programme on Pulse Rate among Obese Men. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 4, 8(19), 73-75.







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