Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables among Kho-Kho Players

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P.Madhusudhana Babu


The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of circuit training on selected physical variables among kho-kho players. To achieve the purpose of the present study, thirty players from Rayalaseema College of Physical Education, Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh were selected as subjects and their age shall ranged from 18 to 25 years. The subjects were divided into two equal groups. The study was formulated as a true random group design, consisting of a pre-test and post-test. The subjects (N=30) were randomly assigned to two equal groups of fifteen players each. The groups were assigned as circuit training group and control group in an equivalent manner. The experimental group were participated the training for a period of six weeks to find out the outcome of the training package. The initial and final scores in selected physical variables were put in to statistical treatment using ANOVA test to find out the significant mean differences. It was concluded that there was significant improvement in speed and elastic powerdue to circuit training comparing than control group.


Circuit Training, Speed, Elastic Power.

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P. Madhusudhana Babu. Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables among Kho-Kho Players. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 2014, 5 (28), 118-121.






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