Effects of Intermittent and Strength Training on the Development of Muscular Endurance and Flexibility of Inter Collegiate Male Kabaddi Players

Abstract :

The study was to find analysis and effects of intermittent and strength training on the development of muscular
endurance and flexibility of the Inter collegiate male Kabaddi players. Forty five (45) inter collegiate male players were selected as subjects. Every one of the subjects took regular practice. The subjects age was ranged between 17 and 25 years from Mysore division Forty five male Kabaddi players were selected and randomly divided into 3 equal groups. The three groups were nominated as experimental group1 underwent (intermittent training -ITG, experimental groups 2 underwent (Strength training-STG and one group act as a control group-CG. Twelve weeks specific training programme for Experimental groups and there is no specific training for control group. 0.05 Level of confidence was stable to obtain ‘t’ value which was considered to be acceptable for the level of significance for the purpose of the study. The ANCOVA was used to discover the mean difference amongst the muscular endurance and flexibility groups. The outcomes of the study discovered a significant group test interface (p < 0.05). Continuation analyses specified that though group modifications in physical variables occurred amongst the three groups of the pre-test. Experimental groups were significantly improved performance compared to control group in post-test of physical variables. The conclusions of the current study propose that intermittent training enriched the physical variables on muscular endurance and flexibility of the Inter collegiate male Kabaddi players.

Author Name : Puttaswamy Gowda. P & Dr. M. Govindaraj

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.846498

Keywords: ITG – Intermittent training group, STG: Strength training group. CG: Control Group, Muscular endurance & flexibility.






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