Enhancing Pace Bowling Skill in Cricket through Yogic Practice

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Selected Yogic practices was applied as training method on experimental group of male students with a control group of equal number for a period of three months for training significance on cricket pace bowling skill. The status of the skill was measured through teacher made skill test before and after the training period. The obtained pre and post scores were analyzed through Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) for statistical significance. Schefee’s Post hoc-test was applied to find out the better group among the two. The statistical significance detected on yogic practices group 47.8000 over the control group 37.0500 reveals a significant difference between the scores of pre and post treatment. The significant difference of yogic group over control group was due to the designed yogic practices undergone by the yoga group (Group-A) for a period of three months. The result proves that the designed yogic practices package has made a significant impact on the pace bowling skill in cricket of the yoga group compared to the other group.


Yogic Practices, Pace Bowling.

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Dr.N.S.Sivakumar (2018). Enhancing Pace Bowling Skill in Cricket through Yogic Practice. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 5, 12(10), 40-42.