Outcomes of Varied Methods of Training on Selected Physical Parameters among Middle Distance Runners

Abstract :

The present study was designed to find out the outcomes of varied methods of training on selected Physical fitness parameters among Middle Distance Runners. To attained the purpose, forty five(N=45) men middle distance athletes from Sree Krishna College, Guruvayoor, Calicut University, Kerala, India, during the year 2013-2014 were selected as subjects. The subjects were divided at random into three groups of fifteen each (n=15). Group-I underwent Plyometric Training, Group-II underwent Intermittent Training and Group III acted as control. The experimental groups underwent the respective training for a period of 12 weeks (3 days/week), whereas the control remain as normal with the sedentary life. Physical Fitness parameters such as Speed and Strength were selected, and it was assessed before and after the training period. Data were collected and statistically analyzed using ANCOVA. Scheffe’s post hoc test was applied to determine the significant difference between the paired means. In all the cases 0.05 level of significance was fixed. The resulting data revealed that 12 weeks of Plyometric Training group and Intermittent Training group were found to be benefitted in improving the Speed and Strength among Middle Distance Runner when compared to control. It is predominantly effective in Intermittent Training group than Plyometric Training group.

Author Name (s):  P.M.Sreejish & Dr. A. Kalebrajan

Keywords: Intermittent Training, Plyometric Training, Speed, Strength.






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