Relationship among Height Weight and Motor Nerve Transmission Velocity in Aerobic Trained Athletes


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among height, weight and motor nerve conduction velocity (MNCV) in upper and lower extremities (radial & sural nerve of bilateral side) in aerobic trained athletes (long distance runners & cyclists). A total of 50 male long distance runners & cyclists with an average age, height and weight of 23±2 years, 172.8±5.8 cm and 70.05±4.2 Kg respectively, volunteered to participate in this study selected from Tamilnadu. Each subject’s MNCV was measured with the help of computerized equipment called “NEUROPERFECT” (Medicaid Systems, India) and the data was analyzed using Mean ±SD and Pearson correlation. Results shows that MNCV of radial nerve of right and left side was not significantly different (p < .05) but MNCV of sural nerve of bilateral side significantly different (p < .05). The sural nerve had significantly faster MNCV than the radial nerve. The body height was positively and significantly related with MNCV of left radial nerve (r=.41) but negatively with MNCV of right sural nerve (r= -.30).The body weight was also positively and significantly related with MNCV of right radial nerve (r=.29) and left radial nerve (r=.33) respectively. Thus, it is concluded that the faster MNCV of sural nerve in long distance runners and cyclists may be the result of their long term training adaptations which may be further related to their pattern of movement requirement.

Author Name : Dr.K.Rajendran

Keywords: Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity, Long Distance Runners, Cyclists.






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