Spectroscopic And Structural Studies Of PEDOT:PSS With DMSO

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Assistant Professor, Dhanalakshmi srinivasan  College of Engineering, Department of physics,

Coimbatore, India


PEDOT:PSS is a conductive polymer has optical transparency in its conducting  state, high stability, moderate band gap and low redox potential.  PEDOT:PSS was spin coated on the glass substrate with different spin speed, starting by injecting a constant volume of PEDOT:PSS solution at the centre of the spin coater and letting the volume spread on the surface via spinning action for 30sec.PEDOT:PSS is the conventional hole transport layer, because it  provides a reproducible work function can be cast to give a smooth interface and hinders oxidation at the emissive interface. Spectral analysis like FTIR,UV-Vis analysis, Band gap energy , Raman analysis were investigated.SEM studies were undergone to investigate the structural nature of the sample.

Please cite this article as: V.Preetha  (2021). Spectroscopic And Structural Studies Of PEDOT:PSS With DMSO . International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 8, 9(2), 06-11.






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