State of art in Smart Agriculture using the internet of things


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

Wipro Technologies Ltd, Gachibowli, India

Siri Sriramoju,

Student, S.R Edu Center, Warangal, India


We are mindful that there is a rising requirement for agriculture because of the extreme expansion in the populace, which possesses both land regions and expands the interest in food products. In this paper, significant agrarian applications are featured, and the pertinence of IoT towards further developed execution and efficiency are examined. Qualities of IoT are introduced. Usable complex product stages, remote communication technology guidelines, and IoT cloud services for agricultural applications are examined. Different sensor-based IoT frameworks are additionally recorded in this paper. Creator likewise explored and concentrated on the current IoT organizations in various domains. IoT sensors might give data about agriculture fields and follow up on it based on client input. The improvement of a framework that can screen temperature, water level, wetness, and even development on the off chance that any happens in the field that might kill the crops in a farming field utilizing sensors using the Arduino UNO board is named smart agriculture. The objective is to incorporate creating technologies, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart agriculture, with automation.

Keywords: Arduino UNO,Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)






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