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Effect of Yogic Practice and Plyometric Training on Selected Coordinative Abilities of Inter Collegiate Netball Players

Author(s) Name:  M.Thirumurugan & Dr.P.J.Sebastian Abstract The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of yogic practice and plyometric training on selected coordinative abilities of inter collegiate Netball players. To achieve this purpose, forty five inter collegiate netball players selected from Meenakshi Ramasamy Physical Education College, Ariyalur District, the subjects were divided into […]

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A Descriptive Study on the Level of Anxiety among Primi Mothers in Selected Primary Health Care Centre in Pudukotai District

Author(s) Name: Praveena Melba.A Abstract The study is designed to find out the prevalence of anxiety among primi mothers. The study is therefore entitled as “A Descriptive study to assess the level of anxiety among primi mothers in selected primary health care centre in pudukkottai district”. The population considered for the purpose of this study […]

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Importance and Contribution of Renewable Energy in the Energy Scenario of India

Author(s) Name: Kannan. M & Abhilash V Nair Abstract There is a high potential for generation of renewable energy from various sources- wind, solar, bio-mass, small hydro etc. the total potential for renewable power generation in country as on 31.03.2017 is estimated as 10,01,132MW. This includes solar power potential of 649342MW, wind power potential of 302251MW, […]

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A Study on Consumer Preference towards Hair Oil Product in Thiruppattur Town

Author(s) Name: Dr.S.M.Alagappan Abstract Throughout history and in most of civilizations, scalp hair has been associated with positive signals such as beauty and power. Baldness or hair loss on the other hand has a negative attribute. Various factors contribute to hair fall / loss. Genetic predisposition and hormonal factors predominantly contribute to the above. Diseases state […]

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