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Effect of Varied Capsule of Fitness Training on Wing Shot Shooting among College Level Men Handball Players

Author(s) Name: L. Sasikumar &Prof. R. Subramanian Abstract: The aim of this study was to find out the effect of varied capsule of fitness training on wing shot shooting among college level men handball players The subjects (n=80) were randomly assigned to four equal groups of twenty handball players in each group. The groups were assigned as […]

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Anti diabetic activity, Anticancer activity and α-amylase enzyme inhibitory effect of Tetrakis (4-aminopyridine- kN1) di chloride copper (II) monohydrate, [CuCl2(C5H6N2)4].H2O

Author(s) Names: M.Renuga devi, A.Sinthiya, S.Lingeswari, P.Lalitha, M. Koperuncholan Abstract: The functional group of the crystal Tetrakis (4-aminopyridine- kN1) di chloride copper (II) monohydrate, [CuCl2(C5H6N2)4].H2O complex confirmed by FTIR spectrum. The crystal taken in the form of solution and subjected to biological activity test. Its particle size and Zeta potential calculated. It exhibit good zone […]

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