Volume 9 Issue 1

Identification And Contribution Of Problems Towards Suicidal Tendencies Among Intermediate Students of Hyderabad – A Study

Author Details  Mrs. T. Prithi Reddy, Ph.D Scholar, Department of Education, Osmania University, Hyderabad -7 Prof. A. Rama Krishna, Head, Department of Education, Osmania University, Hyderabad -7 Abstract The purpose of the study to identify the contribution of Problems towards suicidal tendencies among Intermediate students of Hyderabad.. The representative sample for the investigation was 400 College Students from […]

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Effect of Unilateral and Bilateral Resistance and Plyometric Training on Skill Performance of Soccer Players

Author(s) Name: S. Tubin, Dr. K. Sivakumar & DrM.Rajashekaran Abstract               The intention of this study was to examine the effectiveness of unilateral and bilateral resistance and plyometric training on skill performance of Soccer players. The study was delimited to the soccer players of age between eighteen and twenty one years and they were selected from […]

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