Effect of Sand and Offshore Training on Agility among College Men Football Players

Abstract :

Sand training is the training on the surface full of dry and loose sand in the seashore away from the portion of water flow and its adjacent area. Running on the soft sand is definitely a step up from road running when it comes to intensity but with the right preparation. Offshore training is another form of sand training where the surface is wet and hard in nature. Offshore training minimizes the impact force while foot hits the sand. Systematic offshore training can improve quickness, muscle strength and agility of a player. The purpose of the research was to find out the effect of sand and offshore training on agility among college men football players. To achieve this purpose, eighty men football players were randomly selected from various colleges of University of Madras. The selected subjects aged between 18 and 21 years and they were divided into four equal groups of twenty subjects each. The groups were Experimental group I assigned as isolated sand training group, group II assigned as isolated offshore training group, group III assigned as combined sand and offshore training group and group IV as control group respectively. Pre –tests were conducted for all the eighty subjects on agility. The experimental groups participated in their respective isolated sand, isolated offshore and combined sand and offshore training for a period of twelve weeks. The post-tests were conducted on the above said dependent variable after twelve weeks of isolated sand, isolated offshore and combined sand and offshore training. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) statistical technique was used to test the adjusted post-test mean differences among the experimental groups. If the adjusted post-test result was significant, the Scheffe’s post-hoc test was used to determine the significance of the paired mean differences. It was concluded that isolated offshore training significantly improved the agility than isolated sand training and combined sand and offshore training among college men football players.

Author Name : Dr. C. Kubendran

Keywords: Sand Training, Offshore Training, Agility.