Effects of Anaerobic Training on Physical Fitness Variables of Adolescent Boys

Abstract :

The study was designed to investigate the “physical fitness parameters response to anaerobic training on adolescent boys”. The experimental group was given anaerobic training for the period of eight weeks. The criterion variables were chosen namely Speed, Agility and VO2 max. All the dependent variables were assessed before and after the training period. The collected data on physical fitness variables due to know the effect of anaerobic training was analyzed by computing mean and standard deviation. After the experimental treatment, all the thirty subjects were tested on their physical fitness parameters. This final test scores are called the as Pre-test and Post-test scores of the subjects. The Pre-test and Post-test scores were subjected to the statistical analysis using the dependant „t‟ test. In order to find out the significant improvement if any, „t‟ test was applied significant level of 0.05 confidence. The study revealed that the physical fitness parameters were significantly improved due to the influence of anaerobic training.

Author Name : A.Sakthivel & Dr.G.Kumaresan

Keywords: Anaerobic training, physical fitness, Speed, Agility and VO2 max.