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Management Information Systems & Their Impact on the Excellence Management in Business Organizations “An Empirical Study Jordanian institutions participating in the Award for Excellence in Performance”

Author(s) Name: Dr. Minwer M. AL-Adwan Abstract The Main Aim Of This Research Is To Identify The Impact Of Management Information Systems, Was Conducted This Study In The Year 2018/2019 , & Chose Researcher Random Sample Consisted Of  (100) Customers At The Empirical Study Jordanian institutions participating in the Award for Excellence in Performance, The […]

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Yogic Diet

Author(s) Name: Dr.N.S.Sivakumar Abstract Yoga is a healthy exercise for mind, body and soul.  Yoga enhances the performances of internal organs and external appearance.  This is always guided by appropriate intake of food.  Eating right kind of food is an important factor  in achieving a physical, mental and emotional balance. Among the three types of […]

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Suryanamaskar – A Boon to Human Race

Author(s) Name: Dr.N.S.Sivakumar Abstract Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a comprehensive Yoga technique which incorporates physical activity, breath regulation, relaxation and awareness. Without the Sun, there will be no life on Earth. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is an exceptionally old method of paying admiration or communicating appreciation to the Sun that is the wellspring […]

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Sports Performance Through Yoga

Author(s) Name:  Dr.N.S.Sivakumar Abstract The main purpose of yoga is to bring together the body, mind and soul through asanas, pranayama and dhyana. If yoga is properly practiced, the growth and development of players’ skills in various sports and games will reach the peak. Yoga should be properly channelized with systematic guidance for ultimate benefit. […]

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Relation Between Flexural Strength and Aggregate/Cement Ratio for Concretes Made of Crushed Granite Chippings

Author(s) Name:  Umeonyiagu Ikechukwu Etienne Abstract This paper verified the relation between flexural strength and aggregate/cement ratio for concretes made of granite chippings. The crushed granite chippings were from Abakaliki in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. By varying the aggregate/cement ratios, concrete beams of dimensions 600mm x 150mm x 150mm were made at water/cement ratios of 0.55 […]

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MADM Model for Decision Making Support Structures Using SAW Technique

Author(s) Name: N. Thinaharan & V. Thiagarasu Abstract In this work scientific and simple calculation method for manufacturer’s decision-makers to choose the most ideal supplier has been provided. This paper deals with the supplier selection problem based on SAW algorithm (Simple Additive Weighting) which is a multiple attribute decision making (MADM) approach with entropy method which […]

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