Author Details ROWELL AGLIONES DIAZ, MBA Ph.D in Business Administration Student – Graduate School Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – San Isidro Campus   Abstract Academics and marketing practitioners hail networkingas a way to improve business performance. Firms are encouraged to invest resources in networking activities, without necessarily being able to measure the […]

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Managing Electronic Waste An Assessment of Issues and Challenges in Urban Areas

Author Details Dr. Mothi George Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Government College, Ambalapuzha,India, Kerala Abstract  The tremendous growth in information technology worldwide has given a big push towards the socio-economic and technological development of both developed and developing economies in the last two decades. The challenge of managing e-waste is of great concern, especially in […]

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Power, Performance and Presidency: The House Arrest Theater Project

Author Details C.S.Biju Ph.D, Associate Professor in English. St.Thomas’ College( Autonomous), Thrissur, Kerala,  India Abstract Renowned African American solo performer Anna Deavere Smith’s take on American presidency caught the attention of mass media in the wake of complex bondages between power, media and sexuality, a debate ignited in the wake of Clinton-Lewinsky allegations. Smith has […]

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Author Details Md. Baharuddin Shah Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, G. P. Women’s College, Imphal – 795001 Abstract In Northeast India, jhuming is a widely practised food production system. It has been criticized on ecological and socio-economic grounds. Large-scale burning of forest, destruction of natural habitats and the consequent reduction of species of fauna and flora are […]

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Relationship between capital Market, Capital Flows and Policy issues in the Indian context- A survey of the existing Literature

Author Details Dr. Thushara George, Assistant professor Department of Economics, St Teresa’s College Ernakulum, 682011 Abstract In India, after the structural adjustment programme capital flows have increased drastically. It has been more than the current account deficit which did not record any such steep rises. This mismatch has created new challenges stabilization and exchange rate […]

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Effect of Yogic Practices on Selected Physiological Variables of College Women Students

Author Name(s): Dr.R.Murugesan Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine how yogic practices influenced physiological factors in college women students. The current study included thirty women students from Pondicherry University Community College in Lawpet, Puducherry, who ranged in age from 18 to 21 years old. The participants were divided into two equal sized […]

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Preservation of Library Materials Handling Issues in Selected College Libraries in Coimbatore

Author(s) Name: M. Sakthi Suganth & M. Packiyaraj Abstract: This study examines the problems in preserving and maintaining paper based documents in selected college libraries. The purpose of this study is to find out whether paper-based information in the college libraries are secure or insecure, finding the key issue in preserving printed materials and finding […]

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Virtual Environment Sports Training

Author(s) Name: Sreeja U. Bhasi Abstract: Designing the training strategies using video analysis is another method widely used by the coaches and sports scientists. Virtual reality technique is an emerging area which helps the coaches as well as the athletes to find out the minute errors of the performance. Virtual reality techniques minimises these limitations […]

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