Volume 8 Issue 2

Enhancement the Performance of Spin Coated Metal Oxide Heterojunction Solar Cell Using Modified Aluminothermic Processed Si-NPs

Author(s) Name: Abdul Kuddus, Samia Tabassum, and Abu Bakar Md. Ismail Abstract: The efficacy of modified Aluminothermic processed Si-NPs to improve the photovoltaic performance of spin coated copper oxide/zinc oxide (CuO/ZnO) heterojunction solar cell deposited on FTO using simple spin coating technique has been investigated in this contribution. At first, copper oxide was directly synthesized […]

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Effects of Selected Yogic Practices on Cardio Vascular Endurance among State Level Cricket Players

Author Name(s): Dr.K. Gopinath, Dr. A.M.Moorthy & Dr. P.Ramasamy Abstract: The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of selected yogic practices on cardio vascular endurance among state level cricket players. To achieve this purpose a sample of 40 state level cricket players were selected at random from Chennai from the age group […]

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