A Review Conductometric Measurement of Interaction of Anionic Surfactant with Phenothazine Drug at Room Temperature

Author(s) name: Adesuyi, A.T,  Aboluwoye, C.O, Olaseni, S.E & Borokini, F.B Abstract Prometizine Hydrochloride-PMZ is a first generation HI receptor antagonist, Antihistimine, and anti- emetic medication that can also have a strong sedative effect[11]. The incidence and severity of drug interractions are on the rise as more medications are brought to market. For a drug to […]

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Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables among University Men Students

Author(s) Name C.Maniraj & Dr.S. Arul Abstract The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of high intensity interval training (HIIT) on selected physical fitness variables namely Speed and Explosive Power among University men students. To achieve this purpose of the study, 30 men students were selected from Department of Physical Education, […]

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