Volume 4 Issue 8

Effect of Physical Activity on Selected Physical Fitness Components of the Sedentary Students

Abstract : The Purpose of the study to find out the Effect of Physical activity on selected Physical Fitness components of the Sedentary Students. To achieve this purpose of the study has selected 26 students among M.Sc Integrated women students of Pondicherry University from various departments. They are aged from 17 -18 years as per the […]

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A Study on Customer Awareness and Satisfaction towards Flipkart Shopping – With Special Reference to Pollachi Taluk

Abstract : There are number of various websites are Amazon, snap deal, flip kart are available online shopping and they are playing an essential role in fulfilling the needs of customer. Flip kart is one among them and it is ranked as first preferred online shopping now days the customer are more dynamic. Their needs and […]

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The Effect of Sportsmen Participation on Emotional Intelligence among UG Level Student of Tumkur University

Abstract : Many educators and psychologists believe that students who receive an exclusively academic environment may be ill equipped for future challenges, both as individuals as well as members of the society. Certain instances come in our day to day life wherein the brightest students in a class did not succeed later in their lives as […]

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Facilities and Programmes to Promote Hockey Culture in Kodagu (Coorg) District of Karnataka State

Abstract : Purpose of the study is to find out the facilities and programmes to promote the hockey culture in Kodagu (coorg) District of Karnataka State. For the research purpose the collected information pertaining to the study are as follows, geographical features of Kodagu (Coorg) District, Hockey game as their cultural festival, the Olympians of […]

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