Volume 4 Issue 1

Difference between University Women Ball Badminton and Tennis Players on Selected Physical and Physiological Variables

Abstract : The purpose of the study was to compare the selected physical and physiological variables between university women ball badminton and tennis players. To achieve this purpose of the study, sixty women players were randomly selected as subjects. Among them, thirty women ball badminton players and thirty women tennis players with an age between […]

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Effect of Physical Fitness Programme on Selected Psychological Variables of Physical Education Teachers

Abstract : The investigator randomly selected 50 sedentary school teachers between the age group of 35-45 years . Prior to the administration of tests the investigator held a series of meeting with the subjects they were made clear about the objectives and purposes of the test. The testing procedure was explained to them in detail. […]

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Guild System in Kongu Country

Abstract : Guild system was in vogue from the ancient India period in right from Sangam age it had existed in Tamizh country. Guild was an organization of particular professionals. Carte was the primary consideration for the admission of a person as member in the guild. Occupation was also another criteria for membership. Vigneswara, a medieval […]

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Problems Faced by the Street Vendors in their Workplace: A Study with Special Reference to Tiruchirappalli City, Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract : The economic hardships experienced by many young people in India have resulted in the creation of several strategies in search of better livelihoods. Around 65 per cent of the State’s population is living in rural areas and those people are depending upon the agricultural work (Mahatma Gandhi, 1936). Due to the change in weather […]

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Influence of the Personality Traits on the Shooting Ability of the University Level Handball Players

Abstract : Handball is a strenuous contact Olympic team sports that emphasis on running, jumping, sprinting, throwing, hitting, blocking and pushing. In this game, movement patterns are characterized as an intermittent which change continuously in response to the different offensive and defensive situations in which anthropometric characteristics and high levels of strength, muscle power, and handball […]

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Effects of Varied Regimens of Training Program on Speed and Agility of Industrial Training Students

Abstract : The objective of this study is to determine the Effects of Varied Regimens of Training Program on Speed and Agility of Industrial Training Students. To achieve the purpose of this study 45 male students were selected from Industrial training students, Karnataka and they were randomly assigned into three groups of 15 in each. Group-I […]

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Effect of Yogic Practices and Aerobic Exercise on Muscular Strength on Selected Physiological Variables

Abstract : The purpose of the present study was to find the effect of yogic practice and aerobic exercise on selected physiological variables. For this purpose, forty five middle aged men of Uduppi town, Mangalore district, Karnataka state in the age group of 35 – 40 years were selected. They were divided into three equal groups […]

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A Task – Based lesson to Grammar Teaching: A Post Modern Approach to Teach Grammar

Abstract : This is a very recent and widely accepted teaching method. Almost all the aspects of the lesson are based on communicative language teaching. This is a revolutionary and most appropriate method to second language teaching, developed in the end of the last decade of the twentieth century. The communicative language teaching methods (CLT) did not […]

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